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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Birthday Blog Hijack Alien has COME!

Helllloooooo everyone!! Happy January 31st! It's a special day here today on Doodle's Book Blog? WHY? It's Doodle's BIRTHDAY today! And I, the great blog hijack alien, have come to celebrate! Wheeee! Now who am I?

alienhijackerofblogs_zpsa7fa5084 photo alienhijackerofblogs_zpsa7fa5084-1_zps7fe33b93.jpg

I am the Toy Story Alien who goes around to blogs promoting happiness and sparkles! Okay fine, under the mega-awesome alias I'm Inky from Book Haven Extraordinaire! But, this is not a post about me, is it? This is about DOODLE!

Now, generally when we have one of these parties, I ramble about how awesome the blogger is and fill the post with gifs. But. there is one SLIGHT problem...I don't know Doodle as well as I would like to yet! So I've invited a little help to join me...in the form a lovely guest post which goes by the name of...

embarressment101 photo embarressment101_zps8aec07d9.jpg
Don't worry, I'm not exposing her plans to take over the world and rule the world as Supreme Queen of the Galaxy (oopsies..). Instead three awesome bloggers have agreed to dish out lots of love and praise about Emily!!! Welcome to Justin @ Justin's Book Blog, Annabelle @ Sparkles & Lightning, and Michelle @ Michelle Chew Writes! I'm so excited that you were able to come spill the beans party it out with me! ONWARD HO! 
How Did You Meet Her?
Justin: I'd been a follower of Emily's blog for a long time, but we never really started talking much until our vlogging group started. I'm really glad to have her as a friend though, she is a great person.

Annabelle: Blogging! I honestly don't remember exactly how we started talking, but I know it was through twitter. And we kind of just hit if off. We talk as much as we can now. I think she knows more about my life than the people actually in  my life.

Michelle: Through RAK(Random Acts of Kindness) in May last year. I offered to send her a RAK for that month and we have been RAK-ing each other since then. :)
First Impressions?
JustinMy first impressions of Emily were all great. She is such a friendly person, and I always enjoy being able to talk to her.

Annabelle: A smart, witty girl with a passion for books!

Can You Tell Us Anything Cool About Doodle?
Justin: There are so many cool things about Emily. I know that sounds cliche, but it's true. She has talked to me about things she wants to do with her life and some of the goals she has set for herself. It is hard not to see how motivated she is to get where she wants to be, and I really do hope that she is able to reach all of those goals she has set for herself.

Annabelle: Um, she's Doodle. 'Nuff said.

Michelle: Oh! I definitely remember something about Doodle wanting to join Air Force! *salutes* She lasik because she needs it to join the Air Force! And joining Air Force is totally COOL!!
What Do You Think Doodle Does To Set Apart Her Blog And Make It Hers?
Justin: She really sets her blog apart by being herself, she loves doing little things to make her blog standout be it a meme she has created or other little things. And I think that really shows recently with her post about all of her plans for 2013 on her blog. One of the main reasons I love her blog so much is
that she doesn't try to conform to what everyone else is doing. And being a blogger, I think that is a hard thing to be able to do but she does quite a good job at it.

Annabelle: The design is gorgeous, for one thing. And she has so many unique features that I love. Her reviews are also so distinctly her.

What Do You Admire About Doodle?
JustinThe thing I admire most about Emily is how hard working she is. As I mentioned above, she has some really ambitious goals and if you get to know her it is clear to see that she isn't the type of person to stop something until she gets to where she wants to go.

Annabelle: Everything! Seriously. She's such a fun and generous person.

Michelle: Definitely her long list of books for IMM! And she does great IMM video post every time. Go watch them!
Favorite Thing About Her?
JustinBy far her personality. You just can't help but enjoy being around her and talking to her, she has such a friendly attitude and really has a way of making people feel happy. I've not known her an extremely long time, but she is one of the friendliest and nicest people I know.

Annabelle: I love talking to her and she's so loyal!
When Did You Know She Was A Bloggy Friend & Not Just Another Blogger?
JustinAs I mentioned above, her personality really plays into this. Everyone wants friends they enjoy talking to and can count on. And she has really been one of those friends for me.

Annabelle: She was so easy to talk to and I started spilling my life to her only a few days after we met. That's when I knew.

Michelle: When we talk(email) about stuff that are non-books related and how on how time passes so fast every time we exchanges emails. *laughs*

Best Thing Doodle Ever Said To You?
Justin: It's hard to just pick out one thing she has said, because like I had said above she is one of those friends that you can really count on to be there for you whatever the case might be. And I think that is such a great thing about her. 

Annabelle:Pretty much everything. I love when she says things sarcastically. It's fabulous.

Now That You Know Her Well, What's Something Awesome About Her?
Annabelle: She never forgets the important things! Unlike goldfish-memory me.
If(When) You Got To Meet Her, What Is The First Thing, You Would Do Or Say?
JustinIf I got to meet Emily in person I am sure it would be no different than how we talk now. She is so easy to talk to, and I don't think being face to face would change that. It would just make it better being in person.

Annabelle: OHHH EMMMM GEEEEEE THIS IS AWESOME. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Then I would tackle hug her.

Michelle: "Oh gosh! I finally get to meet you!!" *insert some squeals*

Anything Random You Want to Share? Special Stories?
Justin: I don't really have any special stories or anything to share, I am not really a person to share things without having permission to share it. There are a lot of wonderful things about Emily, and I think I covered a lot of it in the questions above. She is a wonderful friend, and I am lucky to
have had the chance to get to know her. And I feel like anyone that does get the chance to know her should really count themselves lucky to have such a great friend.

Annabelle: Emily is one of the most generous gals I know! She is always buying me books and making me the coolest things! She's amazing!

Michelle: She pre-orders lots of books! Really! There was once she listed about 11 books in a single email. *impressed* Two is usually the maximum for me.


So you all see that Emily is one amazing person right? Because she is! She's more than willing to help you with a problem, spazz about a book, offer encouraging words and spam your Twitter with lots of fun! Emily, you are one amazing girl and I'm so glad I met you! Here's to getting better acquainted  and another YEAR OF FUN AND AWESOME!!!

doodlebdayhijack photo doodlebdayhijack_zpsfbe0bb19.jpg
And with that, sadly, our party here is done. Thanks so much to Doodle for letting me take over her blog! Muchas Gracias to all the bloggers who shared their input! I hope you loved it and make sure to give Emily all the birthday love you can! HAPPY THURSDAY! Much love,


Annabelle Marie Veronica said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, darling! I love you so much! xxx

<33 Annabelle

miki said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Glad to see such great friends you have participating to make this day extra special for you!

I hope you will have a wonderful day filled with love ( already a lot in this post but more is never enough), loved ones and of course books!!!

take care !

happy birthday! Joyeux Anniversaire!

magic5905 said...

Happy Birthday!!! Love your blog.

Nikki Jefford said...

Big Happy, Ems! I love your upbeat personality, which shines through across the blogosphere and your blog is a ton of fun.

Keep being fabulous!

Adriana NaNa said...

Happy Bday!! I know I just started being a Blogger but I feel like I have known you forever. Your personally shines through your videos, blog and tweets.


Elisabeth said...

Happy Birthday, Doodle!

Great party, guys. I got some great laughs! =)

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