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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years!!

While ringing in the new year I decided to add a few new features here at Doodle's Book Blog. Nothing big. Well, that's a lie. Some of the features are kinda awesome!

I'm adding...

Monthly Giveaways!
The first post I make each month will now include a rafflecopter. I will have a link on the sidebar back to these posts so they are easy for you to find. 
Please note that the monthly prize will change. Some months it will be a book of choice, choice from a list, gift card, or some other bookish item.

To enter these monthly giveaways...
1. Comment on reviews, guest posts, interviews, Book Buzzers posts, ect. Comments on giveaway hops and memes will not be accepted.

2. I want well thought out comments that apply to the post or something I mentioned in the post.

3. Comments will only be accepted for posts made in the current month. So, if it is the January monthly giveaway, you can only get points for commenting on posts made in January.

4. Go to the rafflecopter form and tell me which post you commented on and the name it is under.

5. These giveaways will be open internationally as long as either The Book Depository or Fishpond ships to your country for free.

Doodle Days!
Every Monday will be another video from me!
I want to hear from you guys.
So you can ask...
questions about me
questions about a book/series
discussion topics
anything book related!
I will have a form link at the bottom of each post for you to fill out.

Please note that discussion topics will be co-hosted by Annabelle at Sparkles & Lightning and will be titled Anna & Doodle Discuss. I will introduce the topic via vlog and we will be discussing whatever bookish topic is on the agenda. I have added another tab at the top of Doodle's Book Blog that will be visible on discussion days. This tab will have a forum where we can respond to each others comments. I will ban people for bad behavior if I have to!
Hugs! :)

Blogger Days!
I'm adding in Blogger Interviews & Guest Posts.
If you are a book blogger and would like to be interviewed or make a guest post on Doodle's Book Blog fill out this form.
I will be doing one or two of these a month.

So how does that sound?!
Awesome I hope.

I can't wait to hear more from you guys this year! 2013 will be an epic year and in just under 23 days Doodle's Book Blog will be ONE!! My baby is almost a year old!

January Giveaway!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

1 comment:

Nikki Jefford said...

Happy New Year, Emily! Your name was just chosen by Rafflecopter for the first Spellbound Street Team Giveaway.

I'm excited to see it go to someone so generous!

Email on its way!

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