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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Follower Giveaway #3

It's time for giveaway #3!!!
If you missed the first two you can find
Pandemonium here
The Lovely Bones here.


Note: You can Tweet daily!! Email me a link doodlesbookblog@gmail.com with "Entangled Giveaway" as the subject. Be sure to include the name/alias you filled the form out with!!


Bookie Bee said...

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!Entangled sounds absolutely amazing!
Ad thanks for introducing me to fishpond.com! Do they take long to deliver? I hope they are reliable. I have been wanting a UK edition of Night Circus for a long while now, which is far prettier with black edges than the US version!

Doodle said...

You're welcome! Entangled was amazing!!

About fishpond.com...
They don't take too long. I normally get my books within a week or so.

rosia_lady said...

Amazing giveaway, thanks very much for the oportunity.

rosia_lady said...

The design is beautiful , I love pink.So colorful and optimistic.

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