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Sunday, June 10, 2012


So, as you all know I had pneumonia recently.
Because of this awesomeness, I ended up a week behind in my schoolwork.
Said schoolwork is a giant pain in my a**.
Anyways, tomorrow starts my next TWO classes while I try to catch up in the first.
To add insult to injury, my ex, who agreed to pay for internet till August
because I'm in school this summer, didn't pay last months bill.
After a nice...er, interesting chat (promise I wasn't mean), I've decided to 
get internet for myself because I can't deal with him much anymore.
That being said, I won't be posting many reviews/memes 
this week and the recently ended giveaway winners will be 
selected and announced as soon as I have internet again. 

I hope everyone has an awesome week!
Can't wait to get back to you guys!!!


C.J. Listro said...

Aww, I hope everything gets back on track for you soon! That sounds like a terribly annoying series of events. I know how much it sucks to deal with swamped schoolwork when you're sick and have all sorts of other stuff going on. Hang in there!


Michelle Chew said...

Hope everything will be back to normal for your soon. Take care!

Pam (www.moonlightreader.com) said...

Feel better!

Shahnila@BookishTimes said...

**New Follower** Hope u feel better :D

Doodle said...

I just caught up on schoolwork! Now I have two papers to write this weekend! Score!!

*Bangs Head Against Wall*


Doodle said...

Thanks Michelle! Almost there!! :)

Doodle said...

Thanks!! :)

Doodle said...

Thanks! :)

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