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Saturday, May 12, 2012

{Review} Dirty Blood by Heather Hildenbrand

Dirty Blood
by Heather Hildenbrand
Series:  Dirty Blood (#1)
Publisher:  Accendo Press
Pages:  288
Source:  e-book courtesy of Heather Hildenbrand in exchange for a fair and honest review
Available as of April 28, 2011
Barnes & Noble | Amazon
The Book Depository | Books-A-Million

I killed a girl last night. I did it with my bare hands and an old piece of pipe I found lying next to the dumpster. But that’s not the part that got me. The part that scared me, the part I can’t seem to wrap my head around and still has me reeling, was that when she charged me, her body shifted – and then she was a wolf. All snapping teeth and extended claws. But by the time I stood over her lifeless body, she was a girl again. That’s about the time I went into shock… And that was the moment he showed up.

Now, all I can do is accept the truths that are staring me in the face. One, Werewolves do exist. And Two, I was born to kill them.


My Review:
I received an email from Heather Hildenbrand asking me to review her book. After reading the first three lines in the summary I immediately said "Yes!" If you think the summary sounds good, you NEED to read the book!  Heather did an excellent job not only creating a world a werewolves and their hunters, but also a story that will hook you from page one. 

Dirty Blood opens to Tara breaking up with her boyfriend and him just up and leaving. Minutes later she realizes she has no way home in the snow. Her options are limited:  call her mom, call her friend, or take the bus. The first two options aren't feasible, so she makes her way outside only to be attacked by a girl, er...wolf. It isn't long before a boy shows up and helps her forget what she saw.   

There were two main characters in this book, Tara and Wes. Tara is like most rebellious teenagers. She doesn't do well with being told she can't do something and she doesn't want to involve, or worry, her mom. She was cautious and made me laugh. Wes becomes intrigued by Tara. He helps her forget, but is dying to know how it was possible for her to kill that werewolf so easily. He comes off as overprotective, but he truly only wants to make sure he will always have her.  

I loved Dirty Blood because I was sucked in from page one and I never wanted to put it down. There was never a dull moment where I wasn't fully entranced in every word on the page. Tara and Wes were funny and I found myself wanting to tell them to stop being stupid on occasion. Some decisions they made were poor, but who doesn't mess up every once in a while. Tara was a little obsessive about Wes, but I was able to overlook it because they have a magnetic pull to one another.  

Overall, this book was fantastic and only made my love for werewolves stronger.  I highly recommend Dirty Blood if you want to read a book full of action, werewolves, and just a smidgen of romance.

FTC Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.  I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion.  


C.J. Listro said...

I'm sort of on the fringe of the paranormal bandwagon, especially where the wolves and vamps are concerned (unless you count my obsessive love for The Vampire Diaries...), but this summary had me hooked by sentence two. Not sure how I feel about the "magnetic pull" (I get a little nervous about insta-romance) but I'm willing to give it a try. (:


Doodle said...

It wasn't so much an insta-romance because they weren't really a couple instantly. They took their time getting acquainted.

Thanks for stopping by C.J. :)

Tess said...

I have heard such awesome things about this book and your review has convinced me even more...I could definitely go for the "overprotective" guys ;)
Thanks for sharing!

Read, Write, Read said...

The summary definitely caught my attention when I first checked out this book as well. I really want to read this book! Great review :)

Steph said...

Great review! I haven't heard of this book before, but it sounds like something I would really like. Adding it to my TBR list!!

DrPepperDiva said...

I love the synopsis and your review makes me want to read it even more. Thanks!

Kaci Verdun said...

I haven't heard of this book, but the review and summary sound great. I love paranormal and the idea of a hunter/hunted theme!

Jolene and Family said...

Great review, I haven't read too many books with weres but sounds like this is going on my must read list!!!

Daniela said...

Love your review. I've seen this book around but I never knew what it was about before reading this. :)

Stina Butcher said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear about another good book with werewolves. I love werewolves, but the books containing them are often repetitive and not very good. Thanks for the review!

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